Emily Cristofich, LMT, Owner

“My passion is deep and intentional massage for pain relief that improves client’s quality of life. I have specialized training in trigger point therapy that gives my touch a highly therapeutic effect. I value each client as an individual with their own unique health concerns.”

Client Testimonials:

I have been Emily Cristofich’s client for several years. I appreciate her extensive depth of knowledge of healing through many different styles of massage and self-care techniques.

Earlier this year, I injured my arm and hand while gardening. It was painful enough to keep me awake at night and I expected to have to avoid using it for about six weeks while it healed. But after Emily worked on it, the pain was gone allowing me to sleep. It healed completely in on two and a half weeks.

There are plenty of LMT’s that can make you feel good in the moment, but Emily is a true healer who makes long lasting positive changes to your health and well-being through therapeutic massage.

-Joanne D.  (Austin, TX)

Emily is a results-oriented clinical massage therapist who specializes in relieving pain and in restoring freedom of movement to your muscles. She possesses a clear understanding of how to musculo-skelatal system functions, and she employs a proven system of manual bodywork techniques that facilitate relaxation and recovery. If you recently sustained an injury, or if you have a chronic condition that won’t go away, or if you just need an overall bodywork tune-up, I enthusiastically recommend that you make an appointment with Emily and start melting away your muscular aches and pains.

-Eri Weinstein, PhD  (Austin, TX)

I have been getting massage therapy from many people for over 15 years. I usually get a therapeutic deep tissue massage, and there is no one better than Emily. What impresses me about her is that she starts her session by LISTENING to the client about what areas need addressing. She tailors her session based on that instead of following a ‘routine’.

Most times, a therapist hits on an area and the first reflex is for the patient to tense up. Emily stops and waits for the patient to relax. She does not try to carry on a conversation either!

She is very professional, very talented, and should be commended for providing an excellent spa experience.

-James J. (Marble Falls, TX)